It may be hard to completely change the world, but we can do our part to make it better.
— Isaiah McGregory - Founder, Venture Road

Venture Road partners and collaborates with companies, governments, nonprofits, educational institutions and organizations that have values similar to ours. Our partners contribute in so many ways - their ideas, time, in-kind support and more. They help us in our missions to not just make global citizens, but to build strong and lasting global communities.


working together

Partnering with organizations is how we build global communities. Learn about how we partner with people and organization around the world to achieve our mission.


Employee Engagement

Venture Road Focuses on affordable travel opportunities for people that we work with. When it comes to business, large and small, we partner to provide employees incentives for meeting goals and high achievements. This helps businesses meet their bottom line, boost productivity and offer great experiences to individuals and groups. In addition to incentivizing people, business who partner with us contribute to volunteering in many capacities - thus helping meet community engagement goals, achieve civic value initiatives and showcase social responsibilities.


Community Support Partnership

Venture Road works to to ensure that people become strong in their global outlook and create opportunities that help them in their personal and professional lives. We work with partners to go above and beyond temporary fixes and create lasting impact in their communities, cities, states, countries and world. We help elevate and promote brands by investing in local people who have the potential to better their communities.


Promotional Partnerships

Venture Road works with corporations domestically and abroad to help boost brand awareness.  Each of our promotional partnerships are customized relationships that are successful for all stakeholders. We offer international presence, brand promotion, marketing support and public relations assistance. Within our network, we will help drive consumer engagement that brings value to your bottom line.


Campaign and Function Partners

Venture Road builds campaigns and events each year for learning, sharing, advocating and inspiration. Our partners have the chance to support initiatives aimed at expanding the minds of masses and helping build tables of communication - at home and in the world.



Venture Road offers a way to ensure that all financial gifts go towards making travel possible for young people. As a donor, you and/or your organization can meet missions and commitments that you have to the community and the people in it. Giving to Venture Road is the perfect way to give to the world.


Our Partners

We can make the world a better place together.


Travel Safer

Travel Safer is dedicated to helping people travel smarter and safer.

It’s also the place to get inspiration, hassle guides, and actual tips you can use to plan, pack, and raise your Overseas IQ – anywhere in the world. Advice like how to create emergency crib sheets, backup cash options and how to stay safe and still eat adventurously. Travel confidently and worry-free, take a chance on those life experiences because you know how to evaluate them before you set foot in the door. With Travel Safer, you’ll learn exactly what do to prepare for travel and how to react in an emergency.

Youth For Understanding (YFU) The Netherlands

YFU NETHERLANDS is a non-profit volunteer organization that offers young people the opportunity to exchange and live with a local host family for more than 60 years. In this way they learn a different culture and speak a foreign language.  Foreign students give Dutch host families the chance to discover a different world at their own kitchen table. Venture Road and YFU - There Netherlands works on ways to engage youth from around the world in order to build global communities.

If you are interested in partnering with us, let us know! 

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