Intro to sweden

Vikings, Castles, and Midsummer - enough said! Sweden is one of the best places in the world to experience wild nature filled with mountains, trees, lakes, and animals. In total, there are 29 national parks in this breathtaking country. You will never dehydrate because there is drinkable water almost everywhere. The tap water is delicious, but what’s even better is the water from the fjords and streams. After enjoying Fika in Stockholm with all of your friends, you just may catch a glimpse at a reindeer!


Sweden in July: June 28 - August 2, 2020

  • Prep Camp: June 28 - July 5

  • Tour Dates: July 6 - August 2

  • Departure Day: August 2



Tour Highlights

The Lakes - With over a 100,000 lakes, there’s a lake that suits everyone.
Gothenburg: Charming city with a laid-back culture and beautiful canals along with islets in the Gothenburg Archipelago.
Jukkasjärvi: Sweden is home to the world’s first Ice Hotel which is in this town.
Visby, Gotland: A island that is home to one of Scandinavia’s best-preserved cities from the medieval era. 
Lapland: The last wilderness of Europe - vast areas of the Lapland region consists of unspoiled nature. 
Dalhalla: An amphitheater located in a former limestone quarry, in the middle of nature. During summer one can enjoy between 20-30 events ranging from opera, jazz, and pop.
Stockholm: The capital of Sweden - a fascinating place with awesome surrounding nature and broad range of entertainment.


Fun facts

Swedish is the official language of Sweden. The vast majority of Swedes also speak English, and generally to a very high level. Many Swedish multinational organizations have English as their corporate language, and a large number of university degree programs and courses are taught in English.