For 200-thousand years, it has been human nature to explore. Mankind will always have the desire to learn about the world around them. Our instincts drive us to discover new places.

Venture Road takes people on journeys to different countries to explore, learn, teach, and serve for one affordable price. We are a group of people who have…

  • Ambitions to change the world for the better
  • Voices lifted to share stories
  • Hearts wild enough to understand the hearts of others
  • Souls eager to find new trails to blaze

Venture Road provides an affordable way for people to have a priceless experience.  

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Venture Road is a driving force in the world that establishes peace through cultural understanding. With our immersive experience, we encourage a desire to bridge cultural gaps and join tables of global communication.

Venture Road exists to open eyes to see and ears to listen; we lift hearts and change minds thus creating peace.


To better the way young people view travel, themselves and the world to create a more peaceful planet where all can coexist by providing an affordable way to travel.


Read about Our Definition of Culture to learn more about what we want to share with the world.


message from the founder


There are a few things that I believe:

  • The Earth, overall, is a beautiful place. It deserves to be seen.

  • Hearts are wild and desirous of adventure. They should never be left restless.

  • All people have something to say. Learning to listen can end wars.

Venture Road was created to give people the chance to explore the world, discover themselves, and inspire passion. Through exploring the world with us, our venturers gain a global perspective to see people, cultures and places like no other visitor. Self-discovery comes in the form of our personal and professional development efforts to create true global citizens. With our combined efforts, the inspiration to make the world a better place will spread to others.

Venture Road is dedicated to providing an affordable way to have priceless experiences. This is because I believe that the more people who have the chance to have cultural experiences and transform places into faces, the better our world will be.

If you are someone who:

  • Wants to live life to the fullest,

  • Isn’t afraid to speak about what they believe,

  • Takes challenges on until the very end,

  • Desirous of making every second of life count for something,

  • Will sleep tomorrow because today is just too exciting…

I invite you to join us in Venture Road.



Founder - Venture Road