Tour Costs 

A five-week all inclusive adventure. Travel to a new corner of the world to explore, discover, and inspire the world and the people in it. Skip being just a tourist, become a traveler - become a true citizen of the world.


Never pay all at once. Flexible payment options available.

How to travel with us

Become a Road Warrior

1. Decide where you want to go! Why? Because country tours happen every month and we aren’t going to tell you where you want to go - you can choose which tour you want to join.

2Fill out our free online application. Why? Because we want to know about you. The more we know about you, the better we can prepare your experience.

3. Schedule a short interview with one of our staff members. Why? Because there are a lot of people who want to travel with us and we want to build the best group possible and ensure that everyone involved with Venture Road has a great time.

4. Get matched with a Venture Road Counselor. Why? Because we want you to have all your questions answered and have all the tools you need before you hit the road.

5. Set up a payment plan with your counselor after you are accepted. Why? Because even though we are the most affordable program of our kind on the market, we still want you to be set up for success. Also, you can pay all at once if you choose to do so.

6. Pack your bags and hit the road. Why? Because life and the world is waiting for you.

Everything is included!

  • Five-Week Program: One Prep Week - to learn everything that you need to know before you hit the road. Four weeks in your tour country venturing, learning, teaching, tasting, loving, growing, and finding more about yourself that you never knew.


  • Meals: Venture Road will make sure that you have three meals per day and snacks in between. We will make sure that your special dietary needs are taken care of each step of the way.


  • Travels: After you get yourself to Denver, Colorado, we will take you to our Prep Site, fly you to your tour country, AND provide you with transportation while you are there! Where and when you go after the tour is up to you!


  • Travel Insurance: We cover the basics and make sure that if something happens to you or your stuff, you're covered. Click here for an overview.



  • Lodging: We won’t let you sleep on the street! We will set you up with an awesome Host Family so that you get a closer look at the culture of your destination. Living among the people will allow you to turn a place into a face - you’ll never get that from staying in a hotel.


  • Activities: Everything that Venture Road plans for you is included in the price! That’s right, it doesn’t matter if we are going to the Great Wall of China, The Eiffel Tower, The Egyptian Pyramids or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.


  • Workshops: With Venture Road, you will have the chance to grow personally and professionally. Our trained staff will make sure that you have all the tools you need to become a true citizen of the world. We will make sure that you have the chance to meet and interact with amazing people to build your personal and professional network.

what to expect

Either you will be traveling to a country, or throughout it! In your tour country, you will have the opportunity to learn about the region and even surrounding major cities. All program travel within Venture Road will be taken care of by the organization. All travel fees having to do with operational travel will be included with your tuition - no matter if it’s via plane, train, boat, bus, car or camel. Just be sure to be on time and don’t miss the group!

From time to time, you will get to go and explore the country and region you are in. It doesn’t matter if you want to hop on a train to sightsee or take a stroll with friends to grab a beer, you get to create your own experience. At other times, we will arrange for an awesome experience that you will never forget and will be talking about for years to come.

For the first week of your five week tour, you will be learning about everything that is going to happen on your tour. You’ll have the opportunity to take place in team-building opportunities with your tour group. This is going to be a busy week with long days. We want to make sure that you are fully ready for the adventure ahead. 

You will have the awesome opportunity to conduct meaningful service projects. Venture Road focuses on sustainability projects that will make a lasting impact on the people in the communities that we visit. You’ll work with local citizens who volunteer their time and provide you with enriching insights. It isn’t going to be every day, but by the time you are done, you will feel accomplished.

Venture Road will invite guest speakers or special dignitaries to come talk to you. As a way to get to know the region of the world you are in, we think it’s important to know about the history and people in the area.

You will have the chance to take place in a performance in your tour country as a ‘Thank You’ to the community for allowing us into their world. While we aren’t going to make you be in the performance, you’ll still get to know about how our efforts support people all over the world.

Every week, you will have the chance to meet government, business and social leaders, ranging from small town mayors to United Nations officials. Also, you will engage in weekly seminars to maximize your global experience.

At least once per week (normally on Sundays) you can do anything or go anywhere with your Host Family. Your Host Family may take you on a breathtaking adventure, throw you a party, or cook an extravagant meal - who knows!