With us, you will:

With Venture Road, participants will embark on an adventure to live in and experience different countries. This unique program is like no other in existence. We uncover world-class tourist attractions and the hidden treasures that only locals know of.


For an entire month, participants will live with local families transforming the destination from being just a place to becoming a face. These Host Families make the cultural experience of their home country truly immersive as Venture Road participants live and experience life the way they do.

The Travel

Aside from the initial departure to an international destination, there will be many days which Venture Road participants may travel. On these days, the group will travel via plane, train, bus, boat, camel, or any other approved mode of transportation.

By enjoying local delicacies, Joining the community in local events, and living life the way that locals do, every participant in Venture Road becomes a true traveler- not  just a tourist.

Exploratory Days

At least once per week, participants will have the chance to go and explore the country and region they are in. There will be time for the participants to venture off on their own to create personal experiences in the destination city or nearby areas.

Venture Road’s operational staff make arrangements for an awesome experience in which the travelers can learn about the region and hear from the people who know it best. Depending on the type of experience, this could last for a few hours, an entire day, or several days.

Host Families

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of Venture Road is the time spent with Host Families in each community. The participants will share meals with the local families and build relationships with their hosts and learn from them. The opportunity to live with families in their homes offers an unparalleled level of cultural immersion and a unique opportunity to develop international friendships. Venture Road is very considerate when matching participants with Host Families. Our intentional process maximizes the experience for everyone involved.

Career Days

Venture Road Career Days are a great way for participants to discover what type of industry and company they may like to be a part of after the tour. This is possible as Venture Road has access to a vast variety of careers and industries for participants to explore.

For participants who have not decided which career they would like to pursue, Venture Road is a valuable resource. Travelers are encouraged to practice networking skills and discover topics they never knew could be of interest to them.


International travel, learning about other cultures, sharing stories with fellow travelers and working on meaningful projects will unlock parts of the heart and mind that participants never knew they had. We expand limits and unlock true potential.

Participants will have personal and professional development opportunities to transform into valuable global citizens. This will range from large group sessions to individual reflection time to work on personal development.

For each month-long tour, Venture Road structures a different curriculum and prepares activities for its participants so that every time they tour with Venture Road, they experience something new.


Personal Development

When learning so much about the world, our travelers experience new thoughts, opinions and ideas. This requires time to process. The staff of Venture Road are trained to facilitate workshops that provide a platform to express new feelings.


Venture Road workshops revolve around:

  •         Diversity in Culture
  •         Global Citizenship
  •         Interpersonal Communication


In Venture Road, we aim to build better communities. Better communities start with ourselves. From there, we ignite the spark to impact others in a positive manner.

Professional Development

In each city that Venture Road visits, the world becomes a little more clear. Travelers meet so many important people growing their professional network. We engage in classroom seminars and complete educational programs to expand minds and hearts. This mixture of theoretical and experiential learning provides Venture Road participants with a unique and invaluable global experience.

Within Venture Road, every participant engages in all aspects of the program including sustainability projects, group education sessions and the preparation of workshops. Participants can also apply for internships, assistantships and special team projects that provide them with an in-depth learning experience and an opportunity to develop their leadership and management skills. Examples of these positions include:

• Advance Promotion Internships -Travel ahead of the group to set up an unforgettable experience. Learn about marketing, logistics, financial management and operations.

• Staff Internships - Learn about Venture Road departments such as production, admissions, marketing, education and management.

• Assistantships -There are many ways which you can be involved. When the tour begins, everyone has the chance to sign up for many leadership positions within the group such as community service leader, production assistant, recruiting leads, social media support and more! Venture Road has something for everyone.

IMG_9503-Pano copy.jpg

The true value of learning is found when we share what we know with others. We encourage participants to be prepared to positively encourage others to see their own value. In Venture Road, we visit diverse places for a short amount of time; we are unable to fully change a community. What we are able to do is ignite a spark in people and inspire them to continue to do good things for others after we leave. The Venture Road program is a positive example everywhere it goes. As the world’s eyes watch the way in which we peacefully interact with other people, we constantly inspire others to do good after we have left. We are mindful in ensuring that everything that we leave behind is positive.


Sustainability Projects - Inspiring the Body

In every tour, participants will conduct meaningful service projects. Venture Road focuses on projects that will make a lasting peaceful impact on the people in the communities that we visit. Our projects include local citizens who volunteer their time and provide us with enriching insights. Community service projects give Venture Road travelers the chance to learn about different organizations and initiatives that are working all around them.

Cultural Collaboration - Inspiring the Heart

At the end of every tour, Venture Road puts on a performance in our destination community as a ‘Thank You’ to the community for allowing us into their world. In this performance, local entertainment groups join us as we perform unique songs, dances and/or theatrical pieces from that region. All proceeds from the performance will go to a local non-profit that benefits that community.

Community Workshops - Inspiring the Mind

Participants may work with Venture Road staff to facilitate special workshops for locals. This provides a platform for people to communicate in effective and peaceful ways. Community Workshops join those who may not have met under other circumstances. Inspiring conversations between people for the sake of peace and understanding is the overall mission of Venture Road.