Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the rates for Venture Road?

The rates listed are per person, and are $2,500.00 per tour. That's it. If  you decide to travel for a semester (21 weeks) or decide to take a gap-year (41 weeks), you will get a discount.


  • Will I have roommates/housemate?

This will depend on your host family. Host families around the world tell us how many people they are able to comfortably accommodate. We can’t say if you will have a roommate/housemate, but we can say that you will have your own bed.


  • Are Family members welcomed to visit on the tour?

Yes, family members are invited to visit on tour! They are welcome to join all activities other than internal group time. Additionally, friends are welcome to spend time with us too. They will be responsible for their own accommodations.


  • How much will it cost for visitors?

Aside from providing their own accommodations, your friends and family will not be charged for their time visiting the group.

  • How will I be assigned a Host Family?

After you fill out your registration form to tell us about your dietary needs, allergies, and life-ambitions, we will assign you to a matching family.

  • Is there a discount for groups?

Unfortunately, there are no group discounts available.

  • Does everyone need a passport?

Yes, all travelers are required to have a valid passport. A passport card will not suffice. All passports must be valid for 90 days after your tour ends.

  • Are meals included in the tuition?

Yes. All meals, activities during operational hours, and transportation during the tour are included. Any souvenirs, out-of-program food and activities, and personal items will be at your own expense.

  • What should I do if I have special needs?

There is a section on the registration form to list any special needs you may have. Traveling anywhere can pose many challenges for individuals with physical impairments. Venture Road remains committed to providing an amazing experience for everyone. We will evaluate each situation individually and make every possible effort to accommodate the special needs of each traveler.

  • Can I change my registration information during the tour?

You can make changes to your registration by letting a staff member on tour know what you wish to change.

  • When will my payment be due for the tour?

Exactly one month (or 30 days) before your tour begins. Your payment(s) should be processed within 1-3 business days from when you make your payment.

  • What if I need to cancel?

The initial deposit is non-refundable. All pay to Venture Road beyond the initial deposit will be refunded minus the flight cost to your cancelled destination. For more information, see the Cancellations/Refunds section in THE FINE PRINT.

  • Will there be access to Wi-Fi on the tour?

Venture Road cannot guarantee that Wi-Fi will be available on your tour. However, there may be access to the internet at your Hosts’ home and Venture Road facilities. Also, you may have access to the internet from many coffee shops and public access points.

  • Will I need a special power adapter on tour?

Yes, you must bring an adaptor/converter if you want to plug in your electronic devices while on tour. Please research what country you are going to and what outlets they use. Also, please pay close attention to voltage, as Venture Road is not responsible for any of your electronics.

  • What clothes should I pack?

Casual dress is appropriate for most days. We do ask that you bring nice dress clothes for official gatherings, business casual attire for meetings, cocktail or dressy attire for parties, workout clothes for exercise, and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty for service days. Consider bringing comfortable walking shoes, a sweater or jacket and a swim suit depending on where your tour is going. Check out a suggested packing list in THE FINE PRINT.

  • What do I do with my luggage when I travel

Most of the time, your luggage will stay with your Host Family. There may be times where you would like to bring items with you during the day; in which case, plan to bring a backpack. The items that you carry daily will be your responsibility to keep up with.

  • Is traveling with a spouse or partner possible?

Yes. Please include that you prefer to be hosted with your spouse or partner in the request section of the application when registering for the program. This is so that your counselor is aware of your preferred arrangements.

  • Is there anything I cannot bring on tour?

Prohibited items include objects, substances and material that could be considered dangerous. Please review the Prohibited Items list in THE FINE PRINT.