Culture is a concept


that has been defined differently by a multitude of scholars. The word is often used by organizations without clarifying their interpretation. Culture is one of the central themes of our organization. We find it of great importance to define what culture means within Venture Road.

Culture can be seen as patterns of behavior or the underlying systems of shared ideas that influence behavior.

Culture is a collection of ideas taught by individuals in a society to guide daily life. It is important to note that all individuals have a different understanding of the world. It is impossible to clearly identify the boundaries of different cultures.

Nonetheless, certain shared ideas can be identified to have influence on an individual’s thinking. These shared ideas create mutual understanding between people.

Therefore, culture is a developed ideology that exists within a person as well as a social process between individuals.

The goal of Venture Road is to help citizens of the world understand the deeper systems of shared ideas that live within the communities we visit to enrich their worldview.


Meet People

While traveling, you'll meet people from a different country, culture and vision that will share experience with you.


Try Food

You cannot visit a place without trying local food. Food is culture, taste, colors, and smells. Share history and stories that come with every bite


Learn Customs

Each country has their own traditions, while on the road with us, share this custom, learn from it and become a citizen of the world.