Crew Ventures

The goal of Venture Road is to help citizens of the world understand the deeper systems of shared ideas that live within the communities we visit to enrich their worldview.


A Global Education

We believe the best way to learn about a place, history, people and languages is by actually living it. Taking what is learned from books and see it out in the real world. This not only makes it touchable and puts it in context, through full immersion the tour furthermore triggers curiosity and eagerness to learn. Exploring the world with us, our venturers gain a global perspective to see people, cultures and places like no other visitor. Self-discovery comes in the form of our personal and professional development efforts to create true global citizens. With our combined efforts, the inspiration to make the world a better place will spread to others.

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Educational Activities

Our tours keep students interested, engaged and actively learning. We offer specially-designed, hands-on activities in the exciting destinations that your school/program approves. Through these activities, we make sure that your students absolutely get most out of the experience. Even if your class or group has an agenda planned, we can take care of your logistics.



Venture Road has a partnership with Colorado State University - Pueblo, accrediting Venture Road’s tours. Your students can choose to make use of this. They will receive an accredited certificate from CSU-Pueblo, stating the number of Continuing Education Units or CEU’s. CEUs, are awarded by many education and training providers to signify successful completion of non-credit programs and courses intended to improve the knowledge and skills of people. The price for this would be $350 per traveler.

This means the following:

For students: Your students will have a professionally accredited certificate that is transferable to any profession in any country.

The certificate that is worth 35 CEU’s could be converted into about 3.5 credits since they are from an accredited institution. Students simply need to check with their college of choice.

For teachers: Teachers may be required to attend a certain amount of professional development courses, classes, seminars, workshops, etc. in order to keep a certain certification. Venture Road may qualify for those expectations.

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Benefits for students

Personal development - Traveling to a new country comes with great personal development. It broadens views, sparks curiosity and encourages independence. Venture Road guides your students in processing their experiences to stimulate growth. Young people leave on trips with us as students but return home as leaders.

Professional development - The educational aspects of our tour provides your students with the knowledge and skills to thrive in professional life. Combining the tour with the accredited certificate from CSU - Pueblo furthermore provides the students with proven professional knowledge acknowledged worldwide and  transferable for credit to colleges nationwide.

Social network building - Having contacts all over the world is a valuable asset in life, whether it is for personal or professional uses. Venture Road will help your students build these relations.

Unforgettable memories - Traveling is an amazing experience that will bring your students memories and stories for a lifetime.  

Benefits for institutions

A unique educational program - Organizing a tour with Venture Road provides your institution with a unique, enriching educational program that builds on the education you are already providing for your students.

Experience for your teachers - The teachers that go on the trip as chaperones, can use this experience as professional development. They can apply for the accredited certificate from CSU - Pueblo.

Opportunity to showcase global education - Globalization and an international focus are becoming more and more important in education. Having an abroad program will attract students to your school.

The most affordable and meaningful experience - Venture Road is a non-profit providing the most affordable and meaningful trips of its kind on the market.


Trip Prep

Teachers - For the trip, we encourage the school to send one or more chaperones, preferably teachers or school staff. One of these chaperones is usually our point of contact in setting up the trip, as we want to make sure the trip is everything the school is looking for. Before leaving on the trip, we would like to have a meeting with all the chaperones, going over the schedule and other details for the trip to make sure everyone is prepared.

Students and parents - We understand that for some of your students this might be the first time leaving home, as well as the first time for their parents letting their children go out on an adventure. This is why we provide preparation for both students as well as their parents to make sure it is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Presentation for parents - Parents want to know their children are safe. This is why Venture Road provides an information session for parents (together with the school’s main contact for the trip). In this session we will share information on the trip making sure the parents have a complete overview of the itinerary. We will furthermore train them on communicating with their children while on tour as this has been proven to be a possible struggle. The parents will also receive a hand-out with all the important information, including flight numbers, the itinerary and emergency contacts.

Presentation/workshop for students - Travel is fun. It can however also be hard when not well prepared. We therefore provide a session for the students. Not only will they gain information on the destination and de trip itself, we will also prepare them for cultural differences, safety while traveling and good group dynamics in an engaging workshop.

Fundraising - We encourage schools and students to fundraise for this trip, as we understand that not everyone can just pay for it and everyone deserves the chance to see the world and grow as a person. If your school and/or students are interested in fundraising, we can help you coming up with ideas and making connections to get it started.