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Venture Road is a 501(c)(3) global non-profit education program that tours the world to bring people together through service and cultural immersion opportunities. Our goal is to establish peace through cultural understanding. With our immersive experiences, we encourage a desire to bridge cultural gaps and join tables of global communication. 

People who travel with us find themselves on a five-week tour where they completely immerse themselves in a foreign culture by living with a local Host Family, work side-by-side with local people on service projects and learn about local customs, cultures and history.

Aside from the cultural immersion, those who travel with us are trained and guided in personal and professional development through different workshops, internships and activities. This is how we build Global Citizens with great international mindsets and networks. People leave on trips with us as participants in a program but return home as leaders, set up for future successes in their own communities. 

Our mission is our passion in that we create amazing and impactful experiences that are accessible to young people. We believe that when more people travel, more understanding is created. From there, more global citizens are created and more peace among people is established. For this reason alone, our tours are the most meaningful and affordable cultural emersion program of its kind in the world.

While being the most affordable option to experience the world, some fall by the wayside. No matter how hard some try, may never be able to collect the resources necessary to access a life-changing experience like this. Not only are they excluded from gaining a global education, they also miss the chance to obtain vital personal and professional growth opportunities that would set them up for future success.

This is why Venture Road collects donations. Not just to support an individual in a life-altering experiences, but to help change the world for the better by creating more global citizens and local leaders. All the funding will go directly towards identifying opportunity youth and providing them with scholarships in order to participate in our program.