We've got you covered 

Be protected when you travel with Venture Road with our partner travel insurance. It's included with your tuition to the program and protects you for things like medical expenses, baggage and travel delay. Go on the road with peace of mind that the essentials are covered.



Your Health

To make sure that you have complete peace of mind while traveling with us, we make sure that your insurance plan includes:

-Medical Assistance

-Emergency Evacuation

-Medical Treatment

-Accompaniment (if needed)

-Medical and Accidental Emergencies

-Mental Health Assistance

And more! 

Your Stuff

Baggage Delay - If your bag is ever held up or lost, your insurance will make sure you have what you need until you find it.

Cash - If money is taken from you when you withdraw from your account, your insurance will cover you.

Personal Items - Your plan will cover you if you have things taken from you anywhere in the world.




While you and your safety is our number one priority, we always prepare for happenstances that occur. The insurance plan that is included with your tuition into the program will cover you in the event of anything going wrong. 

You will get a full breakdown of all of everything that your policy includes when you are enrolled into the program. 

This awesome policy lasts for one calendar year and is yours even after you are off of the road with us!


The insurance purchased by Venture Road on behalf of participants is through a third party. The information, content and materials provided by the third party is solely the responsibility of the provider. Any transaction that you enter into with the vendor, merchant or other parties is solely between you and that vendor, merchant or other party. Venture Road Inc is not responsible for any such third party content that may be accessed by you. Venture Road does not control the product provided by third party vendors, content contained by third party vendors, nor the organizations publishing their information, and hereby disclaims any responsibility for such content and services.


That being said, we will support you to the best of our ability through any situation that arises!