Is the trip that you wanted already full?

Wait List-01.png

Requesting Waitlist Status

  • You can request waitlist status from the time that a trip is filled, and until a spot has become available

  • Waitlist requests can be made online on the Venture Road website

  • You can’t mail in a paper registration form, register by phone, or with a person

Waitlist Fees and Requirements

  • All regular registration requirements apply - meaning that the submission of travel documents are mandatory.

  • You cannot make any changes to your waitlist request. If you’re admitted to a tour, you must join the trip that you requested.

You might still be able to take the trip by getting on the waitlist!

Although it’s isn’t common for space to open up on a trip, some people can get a tour spot if:

  • Someone drops out of a tour

  • The program opens more spots on the tour


Waitlist Status Is Not a Guarantee

Getting on the waitlist doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to get a spot on a tour, but it is your only option if a tour is filled at the time of your attempted registration. You must also register for the tour a month before the tour actually starts.

How Waitlist Status Works

  • Waitlisted travelers are admitted to the program based on their application on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Waitlisted travelers are accepted after all regularly registered travelers have been admitted and if sufficient tour space is available.

  • If weather or some other unexpected condition forces your tour to be canceled, your waitlist request will be canceled and you will be notified. You may be able to submit a new waitlist request for another tour at another time.

Waitlist Requirements

  • You must still fill out all registration forms on the waitlist page. You will not be charged until your tour is confirmed.

  • You must still provide all of your necessary documentation.