15 Ways to Discover Your Life’s True Purpose



What is the one question virtually everyone has concerning life? Why are we here? What is our purpose, and what are we here on this Earth to achieve? While the answers to these questions seem out of our collective reach, with a little bit of guidance and planning, it is nowhere near as impossible as you think. If you follow my lead and take these tips into consideration, you will be on your way toward finding your purpose in this world.

  1. Begin by asking yourself this one question: What about you today would disappoint your eight-year-old self? When you are young you have dreams and aspirations along with true passions. Sometimes rediscovering what we liked as children can help guide you toward the path to success and happiness.

  2. Become more active even if it makes you uncomfortable. Start trying new things even if it scares you. Having new experiences and exploring all that the world has to offer can give you some great ideas. Through consistent action, you might just find something you love.

  3. Ask yourself, what do you love? What is it that comes naturally to you? Whatever you enjoy/are good at is surely going to need work. However, this work should not feel like pain. Adapting and improving what comes naturally to you is a wonderful step.

  4. What do you want to contribute to the world? This could be either qualities or services. Defining what you wish to contribute to the world can make all the difference in your search.

  5. Follow your heart. Sometimes listening to your brain alone can get you into trouble. Ok, maybe not trouble, but sometimes you need to listen to your heart to find what you really want.

  6. Try your hand at a passion test, see what it says. This includes at least 15 questions that result in you answering what makes your life ideal. These answers should serve as a reliable guide. You will then go through and 2 x 2 decide which is more important than the other until you reach the bottom.

  7. Take time out for yourself sometimes. When you take time for yourself miraculous things can happen. Too often we are hyper-focused on being with other people. Being alone is not ALWAYS a bad thing. Alone you can find yourself and what truly makes you happy.

  8. Reflect on what has made you the happiest in life. Really think back through your life and the times and/or experiences that made you the happiest. Once you do this, try and translate into a purpose.

  9. Decide about where you want to end up. Clarify your vision and where you physically want to be in life; as in location wise. Begin to act toward achieving these goals.

  10. Come up with a purpose statement. Much like a mission statement at a business, discovering what your perfect world would be like by thinking hard and making a record of it is great initiative. For example: “Creating unique artwork for those who need beauty in their life”.

  11. Craft a sort of vision board. Browse images and utilize them on your board. Find what inspires you or what you desire your life to be like. This should help you figure out more specifically what you really want.

  12. Before you make any long-term decisions, do your homework. If your life’s purpose lies within any type of career, it is important to do the necessary research that will allow you to understand the ins and the outs, the ups and the downs, the good and the bad etc. Only then can you commit.

  13. Live life like the adventure it should be. First, always be positive. Take chances and say yes more often so you can explore and discover what the world has to offer. Find what inspires you and keep reminding yourself. This will give you hope and keep your mind open to new opportunities.

  14. Reflect on what you post most often. It is safe to say that most of spend a decent amount of time on social media. Something you might not realize is the things you post, like, and share say a lot about you. It could also be key to opening the door to your passion.

  15. Follow and put time into your hobbies. While not all hobbies prove lucrative, sometimes it is all you really need to be happy.

Whether or not you are struggling to understand your purpose, this guide will certainly prove helpful to practically every one of us. If you are looking to find your true passion, follow these steps and I believe you should have no problems unlocking your one true purpose in life.


Isaiah McGregory