10 Ways to Find Inspiration


Whether you are an artist, a lawyer, a retail worker, or stay-at-home mom, there will be times when you might find yourself lacking in the inspiration department. Unfortunately, feeling uninspired can result in a drop in your performance either at work or in life in general. Losing your inspiration is very much like losing your motivation—when this happens we often find ourselves operating on auto-pilot without even realizing it.

While cruising on auto-pilot might seem ideal, ultimately it undoubtedly causes subpar results, preventing you from soaring to the heights you are truly capable of. This guide which includes ten ways to find inspiration, should help guide you back into the light and regain some of that much-needed inspiration we all thrive on.

1.    Read, read, and read some more

By following some of the habits of the more successful people out there you will soon find yourself on the same path to success. One of these habits is none other than reading. Yep, that is correct, reading is an excellent way to open your mind and allow you to explore life’s possibilities. Many successful entrepreneurs read in their spare time, allowing them to remain inspired and successful.


2.    Get into a gym regimen

By getting your body active and busy with beneficial physical activity, you are also freeing up time to utilize your mind. All inspiration is born within the mind. Therefore, finding activities to occupy your body and free your mind is one of the best ways to find inspiration.


3.    Rid yourself of the distractions in your life  

Today it seems like there are nothing but distractions all around us. While a great deal of these distractions is drawn from day to day life, there are also many self-inflicted distractions that we could cut out or at least diminish by choice. Let’s be honest; most public places we find ourselves in have at least a couple screens inside like televisions etc. Even while we are eating dinner we are distracted. If we are not preoccupied by public distractions, we are on our phones constantly. By cutting out these distractions you will again free your mind and allow new ideas and inspiration into your life.


4.    Question every assumption you might have

You know what they say about assumptions – and while I do not necessarily agree with the age old saying – making assumptions can cause a serious halt in your personal progress. No matter what you feel inspired to try, do not trust your assumptions—they will only hold you back!


5.    Be sure to make time to focus on yourself

Focusing on yourself can be hard. Especially if you have a family or another personal obligation waiting for you at home. It can be difficult to find personal time with everything that goes on daily. Take a bath, exercise, and get enough sleep. You cannot find inspiration if you never focus on YOU.


6.    Listen to your favorite music and do it often

Music is truly a vessel that can carry away all our stress and worries if we simply allow it to. In addition, it is a great way to open your mind to new ideas and creativity. Music is much more powerful than you think!


7.    Try not to over analyze things

There are a lot of reasons why we tend to overthink things. And often, overthinking leads us to the point of scrutinizing every idea that pops into our heads. Of course, scrutinizing our ideas often leads to us throwing them in the proverbial trash can. Think through your ideas without questioning everything and I believe you will be surprised at the inspiration you find.


8.    Sit and think during a bit of quiet time

While I earlier recommended listening to music, it can also be highly beneficial to enjoy some focused quiet time. When you can sit in silence and really focus on your thoughts you might find that thinking clearly is much easier. You’d be surprised at the ideas and inspiration you have secretly floating in your head.


9.    If you can, try and simplify your work load

Sometimes finding yourself in a situation where you feel like you are lacking inspiration is a result of having too much work on your hands. Try slowing things down, taking on one or two projects at a time so you can really focus.


10. Try and be the dumbest person within your group of associates

This might sound a bit silly, but by surrounding yourself with people that are more intelligent than you will only help you in the long run. Being able to ask questions and constantly be learning new things will assist you greatly in the long-run when it comes to discovering inspiration.

Losing inspiration can feel a lot like hitting a dead end. And this is not a pleasant feeling for anyone. However, it is not necessarily impossible to gain that inspiration back. By following this guide, I believe you will be able to find some inspiration—even if its deep down in your sub-conscious.



10 Ways to Find Inspiration by Lieke van den Berg

Lieke van den Berg is a 25 year old world traveler from the Netherlands. She discovered a passion for traveling when she was young and has been exploring the world ever since. Lieke stands by the fact that travel does not have to be expensive, it can be an affordable but priceless experience. Her goal is to inspire people to explore the world, discover themselves and inspire passion. She loves to share travel tips, travel tricks and travel stories.

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