How to Find Your Passion



How to Find Your Passion

Life is tough—I think that goes without saying. However, there are things that the help us get through life a little easier and more joyful. Friends, family, and loved ones go a long way when it comes to maintaining some level of happiness.

Even when you are surrounded by people you love, who love you in return, this is not always enough to leave us feeling fulfilled. If you find that you are lacking something in life, you may have yet to find your passion. With the help of this guide, you should discover how to find your passion, and be on the road to complete happiness.

Ask yourself, “what am I passionate about to begin with?”

Discovering your true passion in life can be quite difficult if you have not taken the time to ponder what sparks your interests in the first place. Beyond where your interest might lie, finding what most intrigues you could help you find your passion.

So, what are you passionate about? Maybe you enjoy helping people. Philanthropy or social work might prove be your true passion. Perhaps you really enjoy creating new things—art, art instruction, sewing, or some other art form is probably going to serve as a wonderfully passionate outlet for you.

Think of the things you enjoy doing in your spare time. Ponder the books, movies, and other forms of popular culture that you find yourself distracted with most often. Reflect on your childhood and surf the memories of your best days and what you were doing during those times.

It might sound silly, but you could even go as far as to asking yourself, “what did I want to be when I grew up?”, “what were my childhood aspirations?”. Sometimes taking a few steps back can help jog our memories, creating new ideas.

Read some books… and then, read some more!

Books are a great source of both information and entertainment for those of us who crave a little at home adventure that does not involve the TV screen. Apart from the well-welcomed distraction from our mundane day-to-day routine, books also provoke both emotion and thought from the reader.

It is this thought and emotion that can help show you how to find your passion. It may sound counterintuitive but reading the thoughts and ideas of others could successfully help unblock your mind, allowing your own ideas and thoughts to flow through. During your endeavor into the many adventures and though processes found in various books, you might just get lucky and shake loose some ideas pertaining to what your passion in life might be.

You never know—you might even stumble across something you and the author of your book have in common. Depending on the subject matter you choose, you might even discover something new that you find interesting. While reading books we find truly interesting, our minds are working hard, and it is then that you may discover your passion!

Try some visualization techniques

I know, I know – the age-old question of where you envision yourself in five to ten years, is more than played out. And we are most often, if not solely, asked this question on the spot at job interviews and the like. Therefore, we are rarely if ever prepared for it. It is however, not the worst way to shake loose what you are passionate about and what you want your life to look like.

Take the time to try and picture yourself in the future. Not in what you would consider to be your “typical” reality, but what a happy and fulfilled version of your life would look like. This technique will allow you to take an open-minded approach at thinking about your future. What are you doing in your future? Where do you live? What are you doing for a living? The answers to these questions will open new doors to your future and passion both.

Finding your true passion for a happier life

Everyone wants a happy and fulfilling life, only then is life truly enjoyable and not as much of the painstaking chore that it can be at times. However, not all of us find this way of living to be as easy as others might. This can be for a variety of reasons from being stuck in an unwanted job to residing under less fortunate circumstances.

Believe it or not, there is a solution to these problems, and it is one that can only be achieved on your own. This solution? Finding how to find your passion in life. Unlocking your true passion opens doors to new careers, hobbies, and paths in life. It is only when we discover our passion in life that we can truly be happy and fulfilled.




Isaiah McGregory