Top Ways to Become a Global Citizen


Top Ways to Become a Global Citizen


What does it mean to be a global citizen? How does one achieve this status? Well, the answer is really quite simple. It is not actually a status to claim or an official title of sorts – think of it more as a way of thinking and a way of life. Global citizenship is a way of looking at human life as one race – the HUMAN race. Not picking apart culture, color, religion, etc.

Global citizenship allows us to the gain a very real understanding of the world around us. It teaches us about how our choices and actions affect the people around us - both nationally and internationally. According to Hannah Arendt, global citizenship is “an ethic of care for the world”. I believe global citizenship is more important now than ever. With travel companies like Venture Road, becoming a global citizen is easier than ever.

Become a social entrepreneur

It should be pretty apparent by now that there are a lot of social issues at play in the world today. A lot of these social problems are causing real principal concerns—not only in America, but throughout the entire world. I propose if you want to become a global citizen, that you find yourself a cause. Finding something that peaks your interests and gains your concern is a great start.

Once you discover the issue you want to tackle, give yourself over to it. Only then can you truly dedicate yourself and make a difference. Volunteering your time to a nonprofit for example, is an easy way to begin. If you want to think on a larger scale, you might consider creating a startup either on your own or with friends/family. It is finding a social problem and DOING something about it.

Practice sustainable methods

Global citizenship is not a fad, faze, or fashion statement. It is something one only earns by ensuring the longevity of their dedication. To put it simply: you cannot give up. And once you find those issues you really care about, it is much easier to press on. To make a difference you must remain proactive towards your goals. As they say, Rome was not built in a day.

Working toward your goals is great. However, finding long-term solutions is better. Try and be flexible and understand that nothing good comes without hard work and patience. When you create that startup or join that nonprofit to raise money for a cause, try your best to practice patience. The company I mentioned earlier named is great for this as they help people on a budget to travel the world.

Start eating

I know, I know… you are probably asking yourself what food has to do with this topic. But if you think about it, food has a lot to do with it. One of the millions of things we share with the rest of the world is the love of food. Therefore, food is a huge part of most cultures, including the United States. By trying different ethnic foods, dining out at exotic restaurants, and learning to cook dishes from around the world, we learn about said cultures.

Learning to cook ethic, oriental, or just plain exotic foods has more than just a few benefits. For instance, something you might not have considered is the fact that trying new food at restaurants requires reading. Preparing recipes of the lands we have never been to also requires reading. If you pay close attention you just might pick up on the language! Travelling of course will also help with this.

Travel abroad

While travelling might seem impossible – it is actually entirely possible and within your grasp. Through the resources and services of different affordable travel companies out there, you can take trips with groups and see the world! Venture Road is my recommendation. It is through these adventures that you will start to feel like a true global citizen.

Do not think of these adventures as sheer vacations. Think of them as a cultural immersion and learning experience you could not get elsewhere. International experiences can range from group travel to actually staying with a host family. This of course offers many possibilities. If you really want to get involved, try volunteering in another country!

When it is all said and done…

While it might seem like a giant task and responsibility, I believe it is all of our responsibilities to become global citizens. The world is a big place – and too often we remain inside our proverbial bubble without exploring or aiding those in need. Venturing toward this duty, it is important to study and learn all that you can about social issues. In order for this world to truly heal, we all need to work toward the common goal of understanding one another.




"Top Ways to Become a Global Citizen" by Lieke van den Berg

Lieke van den Berg is a 25 year old world traveler from the Netherlands. She discovered a passion for traveling when she was young and has been exploring the world ever since. Lieke stands by the fact that travel does not have to be expensive, it can be an affordable but priceless experience. Her goal is to inspire people to explore the world, discover themselves and inspire passion. She loves to share travel tips, travel tricks and travel stories.

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