Small Yet Amazing European Cities to Check Out


Small Yet Amazing European Cities to Check Out


When people from other countries plan to vacation in Europe they often aim for the bigger cities. Cities like Amsterdam, Paris, Istanbul, Moscow, London, Saint Petersburg, and beyond are all frequented by tourists. Even with affordable group travel companies, many trips are geared toured larger areas.

It is important to remember while planning your travels that there are smaller areas worth seeing. In this article I will highlight the best, most under visited cities in Europe. I will additionally explain to you exactly what you are missing out on and why each one is so special. Let’s dive in and discover together these little hidden European wonders. With groups like Venture Road, you can successfully visit some of these small cities and become immersed in new cultures.

Berat, Albania

Berat, Albania is a 2,413-year-old city and it represents both eastern and western culture. Located a mere 120 kilometers from Tirana, it is a treasure and an absolute delight to take in. It has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2008. The best part? It is a breathtaking spot that is not overcrowded with tourists. The Osum River runs exactly 100 miles through the city, adding both beauty and activity potential.

Located in Southern Albania, it is surrounded by striking hills, mountains, and unique architecture. In fact, it was named a national park and includes Tomorr (a mountain) located in the East. This old, stimulated town has both its own style of architecture and art. There are both frescos and murals painted throughout the city, with mosques and churches woven in.

Berat, Albania is known to the residents of Albania as The City of Two Thousand Steps. It has as much to offer in culture and nature as it does in sights and history. Being that this is one of the oldest cities in Albania, it was actually once inhabited by the Greeks in the 6th century. If none of this has drawn you in, also note that it was named a ‘Museum City’ by Enver Hoxha. So, if you are a fan of history or art, you are in luck.

Rovinj, Croatia

First and foremost, Rovinj is a car-free town located on the northern region of the beautiful Adriatic Sea. It is highly diverse with multiple languages being utilized by residents ranging from Istriot to Italian with some residents that are bilingual or Croatian. Rovinj began early on with Venetian/Illyrian tribes populating the area.

Much like with the town we initially discussed, this is additionally an area with a lot of history. It was actually a part of the Byzantine Empire in the 6th century. Being that it is on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, it is an extremely active fishing port that is well-utilized. The climate here is that of subtropical conditions, making it a great escape from the cold winter. Although it was once an Island, it is now connected to the peninsula for even more to do and see.

During its peak tourist season, usually between May and September, they have a plethora of bars, magnificent art galleries, and delectable restaurants offering long hours, so you do not miss a thing. In addition, there are also multiple local independent shops, art galleries, and farmers markets. If you get a chance to visit this area of Croatia, do not pass it up.

Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, France

Let me begin by saying, this is by far and away one of the most beautiful areas in all of France. And if you are a fan of medieval history, you are in for a definite bonus. Saint-Cirq-Lapopie, France is an actual medieval village with a whole lot of exquisiteness in the scenery. Located high up on a scenic cliff, 300 feet above the river known as Lot, this town is one of great importance.

For a little tidbit of historical reference, this town got its name from the Lapopie family once it was divided between various feudal dynasties amid the middle ages. The village of St. Cirq is enclosed within lovely fortified gates that are still standing from ages ago. Within this area are the residents of the area, residing in stone or wood homes constructed from the 13th to the 16th century.

Once you have reached the downtown area, you will find many points of interest and intrigue. For instance, there are many open shops available to tourists, so they can actually see some of the crafts that were popular throughout history. In fact, many of these crafting activities are what brought the wealth to this area. With its beautiful hills and lush green areas, this is a town not to miss.

Small European cities not to forget

When it comes to travel, too many of us only consider large cities as significant destinations. This can be a mistake as there are many smaller areas all around Europe that deserve appreciation and visitation. These places offer so much in the way of scenic views, different cultures, and new experiences. While you may use this guide as a jumping off point, there are probably 100 cities in Europe that are under-appreciated.



"Small Yet Amazing European Cities to Check Out" by Lieke van den Berg

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