V•E•N•T•U•R•E  R•O•A•D

Annalyn and Sara

What can V•E•N•T•U•R•E  R•O•A•D offer you? We’ll spell it out for you!


First and foremost, what Venture Road provides is a great experience. Hey, hey... Wine time right? Well Yes, and so much more! Venture Road provides not only a vacation, but a valuable voyage that you’ll never forget! Our trips are the most affordable way to get the most out of a 5-week vacation.

E is for EXPLORATION and an ESCAPE... from your normal life!

Venture Road provides a chance to get away from everyday stressors in a new and exciting country. You will be able to explore world-class tourist attractions on top of hidden treasures only locals know of. Who knows what you can find behind each door, and around every corner while exploring.

N is for NEW... everything!!

Venture Road will introduce you to new cultures, new people, new places, and a new way of living. Traveling abroad opens your eyes to new perspectives, opinions and also offers an opportunity to look within yourself and discover a new you. By putting yourself in a fresh environment, you’re opening up yourself to endless amounts of self discovery.


If you are already a traveler, Venture Road will encourage you to go bigger, explore deeper, and to travel more often. And if not, Venture Road will sculpt you into the ultimate traveler. We guide you with amazing resources, realistic knowledge, and the confidence to travel the world! Not only will we arm you with the necessary tools to become a traveler but our 5- week program offers you time off from work, school, kids, and just ordinary life.


Here at Venture Road we can ensure that we offer you a program like no other in existence. You will explore, learn, teach, and serve for one affordable price. We guarantee that you will return home or continue your travels with unique stories to make just about anyone want to travel. Whether you return home or hit the ground running with more travels after participating in our program we know that each and every little thing you learn on the road will provide an upgrade to your life.


Responsible tourism supports the tourism communities we visit in an economic way, benefits local people and enhances the well-being of host countries by performing community service. This is one Venture Road’s most proud component. We want to stress and encourage our participants to take an interest in the countries we visit and how we can help. Each group of participants come together and choose an organization to assist with, and give back in anyway we see fit. Whether that be acts of service or a grand performance we put on we hope to positively inspire the people we meet.


The educational aspect of Venture Road is something that can be a little bit difficult to explain. We aren’t even able to put into words what you might learn living with a local host family for the duration of the program, or what life lessons you might pick up from seeing how other cultures live and what’s important in their everyday life. But we can guarantee that you will learn how far you can push yourself, what you’re capable of when being forced out of your comfort zone, and these are educational things you can’t put a price tag on.


With us you will have the chance to take place in a real performance in your tour country as a way to learn about the arts of a new country. While we aren’t going to make you be in the performance, you’ll still get to know about how our efforts support people all over the world. So grab those dancing shoes, pick up a pencil, practice those vocals, or brush up on those acting skills!

O is for OPEN

Venture Road exists to open eyes to see and ears to listen; we lift hearts and change minds thus creating peace. We know that after participating in our program, it’s impossible to not return home with a more open heart and mind!


Get ready to have the adventure of a lifetime for the most affordable price on the market to date. At one low and extremely reasonable price, oh you’ll get adventure, but so much more! Travel to and from country, homestay with a local host family, 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, excursions to great places, the opportunity to serve the local community, and personal and professional workshops. We dare you to find a more unbelievable deal!

D is for DISCOVER.... Yourself. International travel, learning about other cultures, sharing stories with fellow travelers and working on meaningful projects will unlock parts of the heart and mind that participants never knew they had. We expand limits and unlock true potential.

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