11 Tips on how to travel the world on a budget

11 Tips on how to travel the world on a budget



“How can I afford to travel?” It's a question that many people have asked themselves to scratch the travel itch that they have. People planning trips usually look for the best and most affordable way to travel, often doing internet searches for how to see the world for less than $100 per day. If you have somehow stumbled upon this article while trying to figure out your next adventure, you have stumbled upon the right place!

To take a trip to a new corner of the world, you don’t need to spend your whole savings. You can cut your expenses and make travel cheaper. In fact, with the right knowledge and resources, you can see a new piece of the world for less than $75 per day.

I’m going to share some of my own tips, tricks and travel hacks on how to travel the world for very little money. Some of this may seem like common sense, but you would be surprised at how many mistakes travelers make by forgetting the basics. it’s important to stop and really think about what you’re doing and not to forget the small things - in addition, don’t forget to look at the big picture.

The checklist:

Plan your budget

Avoid peak season to travel the world

Find cheap flights

Transportation options

Choosing accommodations

Cooking on the road

Eat local

How to visit tourist spots

Look for freelance jobs while travelling

Travelling in a tour group

Use different modes of payment


1. Plan your budget

Before deciding where to go on your trip, you have to create a budget. That means you need to be clear on how much you are going to spend. If you don’t set a budget, I guarantee that you will overspend.

Follow these steps to create your travel budget:

  • Make a budget of your trip by selecting your destination

  • Separate money for accommodation, food, transportation, etc.

  • Actually stick to it!

  • Use online budgeting tools sites like BudgetYourTrip.com, SavingForTravel.com, and IndepdentTraveler.com

  • Prioritize the Activities. Do you want to spend money on scuba diving or on deep sea diving? Do you want to eat meals at restaurant or enjoy the street food?  I suggest the street food if your stomach can handle it!

Decide where to go in 2018 and 2019 with our Holiday Destination Guide

2.  Avoid peak season to travel the world

The next step is to decide the right time to travel. Travelling in off-season can save ample amounts of your money. You can avoid high airfare costs and hotel prices by travelling out of seasons.

A Pro Tip: If you are planning Australia for Christmas and Spain in school summer holiday, it will not be a good idea for budget traveler.

Bali, Thailand and the Philippines are less popular during the rainy monsoon season and you can travel to these countries.

Six best places around the world to visit in the off-season (Europe, South-east Asia, Australia, The Pacific Islands, The Middle East and North America)

Bear in mind the following distinct seasons travelling.


If you are planning a trip to EUROPE, check out the best times to travel to Europe

Which month would you like to travel in? Do check here a month by month calendar here:

3. Find the cheapest flights

Finding cheap flights tickets is one of the major things that can help you save money and cut down your overall expenses. However, it is not that easy to search the cheap flights but with following some simple tricks, you can find great deals on flights!

  • Sign up for FREE newsletters from any top site or join Facebook Groups. By joining newsletters and groups, you will get to know the best deals about the flights fares.

  • Use the best flight search engines e.g. Skyscanner and Momondo  both shows the flights with cheaper fares.

  • You have to identify the cheapest day to fly out.

  • Don't book on the weekend

  • Book early. If you book your flights early, you will definitely get a cheaper flight ticket.

  • Don't forget about local budget airlines. Local airlines offers weekly deals on certain days, so be sure to double check the local airlines.

  • Always use private browsing mode (incognito window from your browser) to check the flights fares.

  • Use flight comparison websites where you can easily compare the prices.

4. Transportation options

Local transportation forms a major part of your travel expense.  

Avoid taxis and rented cars. Instead, use public transportation — metros, buses and trains. Car sharing is a good option while travelling.

Renting a bike is good and you can explore the city easily and save more money and the boring waiting time.

Pros and Cons of Public Transportation


  • You will get the cheaper fares than driving your car

  • No need to find a parking spot or pay parking fee.

  • By using public transport, you can reduce the air pollution and you are making a substantial contribution to control air pollution.


  • Public Transport might be late due to traffic jams and you need to wait for long time

  • Public transport such as metros, buses and trains are very crowded during peaks hours.

  • There is no privacy in public transportation.

  • You cannot carry things home from any areas of the city due to the space problem

5. Choose Accommodations

Accommodation is another thing that can be the biggest expense while travelling. More importantly, safe accommodations are vital to a positive travel experience. Staying in 3 start or 5 star hotels can be very expensive still you can save money on accommodation by opting these following options:

  • Instead of staying in hotels, try to get free local accommodation by visiting to family friends. You can also enjoy the hospitality of local people who will give you a free place to stay.

You can also check out a few sites that can provide you free space or budget accommodation


Global Freeloaders

Hospitality Club


  • You can try private rooms in Backpacker hostels (dormitory-style with all the facilities) and houses. These hostels dormitory are the best value for any budget travelers. It will cost you around $5 – $20 Per Night

  • Airbnb is also a great and budget option for vacation rentals; you can easily rent local accommodations on any travel budget.

  • If you are planning to stay in one place for a long time, then why not rent an apartment for a whole month. It can be cheaper than your 2 weeks hotel cost.

  • When traveling to a new country, local homestays can save your money. It will cost you $10 – $50 Per Night.

  • Finding a good host family will save you money because you won’t have to pay anything! There are some great organization out there that will set you up with a great family:

Things to Consider When Choosing Accommodations

  • Prefer safe locations

  • Do check the Food Options

  • Watch for any hidden fee

  • Check Amenities and Facilities

  • Read online reviews

6. Cook your own food and save money

You can cut the cost significantly by cooking your own meals. Once you select a room on rent, you can cook your own food. In fact, these days in most of the popular tourist destinations you can get cooking utensils on rent as well.

You can also save money or get food or accommodation by volunteering with a local organization such as WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), where daily local meals and accommodations are offered in exchange for work on a farm.

7. Eating Local food

When you travel, you think of dining near famous restaurants to enjoy your food. However, we don’t recommend doing so, as the prices are high and it might affect your budget.

The best option is for budget travelers, Eat local quality food and local food is much cheaper.

Here are some tips for eating local food and staying healthy while traveling:

  • Try Seasonal food only

  • If you want to eat local food, talk to local people and ask their favorite places to eat good food.

  • Limit your alcohol consumption - it ain’t cheap!

8. How to visit tourist spots

Tourist attractions areas are expensive. The food or transportation prices are 20-50% higher in tourist area. This means you need to spend less and stick to the budget while visiting popular tourist attractions.

Keep the following tips in your mind:

  • Do not buy souvenirs from tourist spots

  • Never Eat in a Tourist Area - Prices in tourist areas generally 20-50% higher

  • Resist the person trying to get you to buy something out of their backpack! You will, I promise you, find it cheaper somewhere else.

  • Hagel, hagel, hagel. If you find yourself about to buy something from a street vender, don’t let them rip you off. Offer a low price, but be fair.

  • If someone tries to give you anything, DON”T TAKE IT! Nothing in this world is free - especially a “gift” from a person that you don’t know

  • Keep an eye on your stuff and keep it in front of you. Beware of:

    • Pickpockets - meaning that people who will just reach into your pocket, grab something and run.

    • Bag grabbers - meaning someone who will run by you grab your bag and keep going.  

    • Distractors - meaning people who work together to distract you while another person takes your belongings.

  • Walk two or three blocks away from main attractions and then look for pretty much everything you need.

9. Look for freelance jobs while travelling

If you are travelling for long time, you can search freelance jobs during your travel. Freelance jobs are good way of making money while you travel and you don’t have to worry about your budget and you can easily increase your budget.

Here are the ways to earn money while travelling:

  • You can work part-time in Hostel or Cafe/Restaurant.

  • You can try and sell your travel photos at smugmug or photoshelter

  • If you have interest in writing, you can write for Travel Websites and earn good money. Do check: 34 Travel Magazines and Websites That Pay Freelance Writers

  • Run a Travel Blog – starting your own blog requires time and money. BUT once your blog become successful you can get at least $1,000 on a monthly basis through ads, and sponsored content.

  • Teach English – If you are planning to visit to China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan, There are many non-English speaking peoples who are willing to pay for English teacher.

10. Travelling in a Tour Group

Everybody likes to go on holiday to relax and see new places. However, before planning a trip, we have to decide with whom to travel –with family, with friends, or is it better in groups?

There are undoubtedly many benefits to travel in a tour group:

  • There is guide who will tell you each and everything starting from where you’re going and which places are most famous and why?

  • By joining a tour group, you will make new instant friends.

  • When you travel in a group, your will get group discounts on food, drinks and accommodations.

  • You have someone who will take great photos of yours.

  • Travelling in tour group eliminates your stress.

  • Travelling in a Tour Group is also safer as it reduces the chances of getting lost or becoming a victim of pickpockets and thieves.

11. Use different modes of payment

Choose several payment methods and different forms; you should have Best Travel Credit Cards, debit card, some cash, and online wallets like Paypal or Webmoney etc. There are lots of credit card, which eliminates foreign transaction fees, and usually offer some points on travel.

Always check the exchange rates in the country you are going to visit

Thinking about your round the world trip?

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Conclusion/ Wrap Up

This is our list on How to travel the world on a budget. We hope you liked this. If you do, please share the post on social media and with your friends. If you have other tips to save money while travelling or have created your travel budget, share it with us!





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