Studying Abroad: The Less Heard of Benefits of Studying Globally


Studying Abroad: The Less Heard of Benefits of Studying Globally

There are a lot of reasons to put yourself out there and travel as it is. But have you ever thought about studying abroad? This is something a lot of us do not even consider a possibility. And yet, with a little effort and a lot of planning it is an attainable goal. Beyond being attainable – it is good for the soul.

While many Americans travel for business and leisure, there are some who feel stuck. Otherwise, not all of us can afford to see the world. However, with companies like Venture Road, practically anyone is capable of affordable worldwide travel. Traveling is an enlightening, often times life altering experience that works wonders on your mind, body, and spirit.

I highly recommend taking every destination opportunity you stumble upon. And if you are considering studying abroad, this is an especially important step for you. Being introduced to different countries and cultures is immersive and educational and it can point us to the path we are meant to travel and where we will find the most useful education.

Why study abroad when I can study here?

As I said previously, travel is good for the soul. It’s adventure. It’s a new experience. And above all else, it is exciting. But if you are ready to take things even further, I highly recommend studying abroad should you get the chance. This is one of the best ways to improve oneself both mentally and spiritually.

Beyond all the psychological stuff, even if you are not a very spiritual person, studying abroad can be one of the best decisions you make in your life. Education abroad should be something every student gets to experience because on top of learning life lessons, you are learning responsibility and new skillsets. This you can be sure of because education systems are different across the globe.

The top benefits of global education

The opportunity to become a global citizen

Global citizenship is a title that is earned mainly through hard work, diligence, and a lot of empathy. Global citizens or citizens of the world are people who travel the world, taking in the culture, the sights and sounds, and all that the world has to offer. They are informed on serious world issues and get involved in every way possible to effectively put an end to such troubles.


Brush up on and/or learn new languages

One of the biggest and more obvious reasons to study abroad is to learn new languages. Learning to speak a new language or brushing up on languages you might have already been introduced to will provide huge personal opportunities. Not only does it boost your education, it can open doors to new experiences and even job opportunities. If you have already learned a bit of say Spanish or French, you might be shocked to find how much you know once immersed in that culture.


Study and learn in a DIFFERENT way

As I mentioned earlier, education systems are different all around the world. This means, if you are traveling to another country for educational purposes, you might find yourself immersed in an entirely new educational system. This means new subject matter, teaching methods, environments and so forth. Opening your mind up to new vessels of learning is never a bad investment.


Making interesting, lifelong friends

I know what you are thinking—I can make friends anywhere. However, that is the overall point I am trying to make. We do not love everyone we meet, and this is just a fact of life. It does not make you a bad person to not befriend each individual we come across. Sometimes when visiting other places however, we find people with similar souls. People who are so much like us it is hard to believe because they are from all over the globe. If you plan on traveling abroad, make sure you take stock in those around you. They just might make a lasting impression on you.


Learning to appreciate every little thing in life

Studying abroad does one very huge thing for younger people. This thing is coaching young people to grow up and gain life lessons along the way. One of the biggest motivators during global study is having less than you are used to. Travel is expensive. And even with scholarships and grants, you will still need money to live on and use towards education purposes. This will show you what is truly important in this life and what it is like to truly earn what you need.


As you can see, studying abroad is one of the greatest opportunities you might ever gain. It is highly beneficial and can alter your life forever. Apart from making wonderful friends, learning life lessons, and gaining different education, you are also working towards becoming a global citizen. Visiting and gaining and understanding of different countries, their cultures, and their struggles is extremely humbling and life enriching. Consider studying abroad today!




Studying Abroad: The Less Heard of Benefits of Studying Globally by: Lieke van den Berg

Lieke van den Berg is a 25 year old world traveler from the Netherlands. She discovered a passion for traveling when she was young and has been exploring the world ever since. Lieke stands by the fact that travel does not have to be expensive, it can be an affordable but priceless experience. Her goal is to inspire people to explore the world, discover themselves and inspire passion. She loves to share travel tips, travel tricks and travel stories.

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The True Definition of Culture

Culture is a concept that has been defined differently by a multitude of scholars. The word is often used by organizations without clarifying their interpretation. Culture is one of the central themes of our organization. We find it of great importance to define what culture means within Venture Road.

Culture can be seen as patterns of behavior or the underlying systems of shared ideas that influence behavior.

Culture is a collection of ideas taught by individuals in a society to guide daily life. It is important to note that all individuals have a different understanding of the world. It is impossible to clearly identify the boundaries of different cultures.

Nonetheless, certain shared ideas can be identified to have influence on an individual’s thinking. These shared ideas create mutual understanding between people.

Therefore, culture is a developed ideology that exists within a person as well as a social process between individuals.

The goal of Venture Road is to help citizens of the world understand the deeper systems of shared ideas that live within the communities we visit to enrich their worldview.


Venture Road - An affordable way to have a priceless experience.

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About Venture Road

FOR 200-THOUSAND YEARS It has been human nature to explore. Mankind will always have the desire to learn about the world around them. Our instincts drive us to discover new places.

Venture Road takes people on journeys to different countries to explore, learn, teach, and serve for one affordable price.


Venture Road is a driving force in the world that establishes peace through cultural understanding. With our immersive experience, we encourage a desire to bridge cultural gaps and join tables of global communication.

Venture Road exists to open eyes to see and ears to listen; we lift hearts and change minds thus creating peace.


To better the way young people view travel, themselves and the world to create a more peaceful planet where all can coexist by providing an affordable way to travel.

Explore the world

With Venture Road, participants will embark on an adventure to live in and experience different countries. This unique program is like no other in existence. We uncover world-class tourist attractions and the hidden treasures that only locals know of.

Discover yourself

International travel, learning about other cultures, sharing stories with fellow travelers and working on meaningful projects will unlock parts of the heart and mind that participants never knew they had. We expand limits and unlock true potential.

Inspire Passion

The true value of learning is found when we share what we know with others. We encourage participants to be prepared to positively encourage others to see their own value. In Venture Road, we visit diverse places to positively inspire the people we meet.


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