World Citizenship: What it is and How it Benefits the World as a Whole


World Citizenship: What it is and How it Benefits the World as a Whole


Perhaps you stumbled upon this article out of genuine curiosity or simply out of boredom. Maybe you found this piece randomly and it peaked your interest. No matter what your reason for reading, there is much to learn on the subject of global or world citizenship. Particularly because many of us are unaware of the true meaning of global citizenship, or even of its existence.

As time goes on, we are unfortunately seeing a divide between the US and other countries. Beyond that, there is a deep divide that exists internally as well in various places—America included. I believe much of this has to do with propaganda, misunderstanding, and a fear of the unknown. This divide between cultures, races, and religions will only lead to greater troubles and darker days.

What does it mean to be a global citizen?

Global citizenship can be defined in many different ways. And the term world citizen can mean a number of things. But let’s break it down so we all have a greater understanding of what it is and how it is beneficial. Global citizens are those who live in the moment, they are intellectuals, and above all else, they live morally.

Global citizens are on a moral path to end the many divides within the world. Between global poverty, war, and the lack of healthcare and basic everyday needs, a global citizen works to make a dent in these problems. The world citizenship movement has grown in popularity even since it began in 2011. And with affordable travel groups such as Venture Road, it has become even easier to achieve such goals.

You see, many global citizens will visit problematic areas, immerse themselves in that culture, stay with host families in some cases, and aid those in need. We are all responsible for taking care of this world, whether we realize it or not. And our natural human desire to explore and see new places can lead to some life altering experiences that are ultimately for the greater good. After all, if we are not taking care of others, what is the point? It is only when we explore and discover the truth that we experience true empathy.

Venture Road: A way to discover the path to true global citizenship

Becoming a global citizen might seem impossible and out of reach to some. After all, travel, lodgings, food, etc. are all costly and not entirely within everyone’s grasp. Venture Road was born out of the desire to make this world a better place. And the best part about it is, it is quite affordable!

Venture Road helps people get on the path toward changing the world. With affordable group journeys to countries all over the world, participants within Venture Road gain the rare opportunity to become global citizens. While on these trips, travelers receive the opportunity to learn about other culture, explore new lands, and ultimately serve mankind globally. With the collective goal of peacemaking around the world, Venture Road aims to make the world a better place through global citizenship, cultural immersion, and understanding.

What does a global citizen ultimately do?

To truly become a global citizen, you must first understand the ultimate goal. This goal is to create sustainability throughout the entirety of the world. Sustainable communities are necessary for the survival, happiness, and peace amongst the global population. Bringing people together to work arm in arm, solving a variety of global problems is the ultimate goal. For it is only during these times and experiences that we begin to understand the term global citizen.

World citizenship begins at home. Then it expands into your neighborhoods, communities, cities, and so on. Small acts of kindness eventually lead to having a hand in larger issues plaguing other states and even countries. This is a movement that has a strong foundation in values, morals, and of course, a common goal of global sustainability.

Working together with a common goal

Some of the larger issues facing those who are working toward such a status are of course gender equality, basic human rights, environmental sustainability, economy stabilization, justice for all, sustainable development, and global peace. Just imagine it: a one world community with everyone working together in harmony. Being a global citizen in the end means that you possess the understanding that worldwide poverty could be eliminated with enough people involved.



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