London in June 2020


Tour Costs 

A seven-day all inclusive adventure. Travel to a new corner of the world to explore, discover, and inspire the world and the people in it. Skip being just a tourist, become a traveler - become a true citizen of the world.


Never pay all at once. Flexible payment options available.


What your tour will look like!

Day 1:

Overnight flight to London 

Day 2:

Intro to London from your Tour Manager

Guided tour London, visiting:

* Big Ben

* Westminster Abbey

* Piccadilly Circus

* Buckingham Palace.

Day 3:

Thames river cruise

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

London eye

National Theatre backstage tour

Visit a show in the evening

Day 4:

Day-trip Stonehenge, visiting:

* The Windsor castle

* The Stonehenge

Day 5:

British Museum

Royal Air Force Museum

London by night tour

Day 6:

Royal observatory

Street art walking tour

Free afternoon

Day 7:

Day-trip to Oxford, visiting:

* Oxford University (Worcester College)

* Pitt Rivers Museum (on culture)

* Bodleian Library

* Christ Church

Day 8:

National Portrait Gallery

Kensington Palace

Hyde park

Free afternoon

Day 9:

Workshop on cultural diversity

Photo challenge on cultural diversity in Camden Market

Free afternoon/Rehearsal

Performance in London

Day 10:

Depart for home


About your tour country


Country: England

Status: capital city

Established: +/- 50 AD

Area: 620 square miles

Population: 12 million

Language: English

Currency: Pound Sterling (GBP)

Time zone: GMT / UTC and BST (British Summer Time), 5 hours from Eastern Standard Time

Country dialling code: +44

Emergency number: 112 or 999

London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom and can be considered a world city. Its history goes all the way back to Roman times, making it one of the oldest of the world’s great cities. Nowadays it is an important economic, transportation and cultural center in the world, and the biggest in its country.

London is home to many world famous sites. One of the most iconic is probably the Big Ben clock tower. Fun fact: Big Ben is not actually the name of the tower, just of the bell. The tower is called ‘The Clock Tower’.  Another famous building is the Buckingham palace, characterized by its recognizable guards that are not allowed to move or smile. In the south of London, the river Thames runs from east to west, ending at the North Sea, giving London great panoramic views, especially at night.

The weather in London is famous for being rainy. On an average, it rains anywhere between 6 to 11 days a month (depending on which month). Although rain is a common thing, London also knows sunny days, especially in summer.

The United Kingdom (including England) is, as it states in the name, a kingdom. At this moment, Queen Elizabeth reigns the country. The Queen has many different royal residences, but still sometimes resides in Buckingham Palace. During your visit you can see if she is home. How? If she is, you can see her royal flag at the flagpole. This flag is called the Royal Standard, and can only fly when the Queen is present.

London has many things to offer. So dive in, go out and explore, be amazed and don’t forget to enjoy every second of it!

what to expect Day to Day

plane travel 4-27-15-2420-2.jpg

Day One

You will meet your Venture Road contact person at Denver International Airport. Your contact person will assist you with the check in of your student’s luggage. After that, the contact person will escort you to the security check, after which you will take your student to the gate and board the airplane. Have a safe flight!

Day Two

After you land in London, your local Tour Manager will be waiting to pick you up at the airport. Depending on the time, the Tour Manager will either take you and your students to the hotel to check in and leave your luggage, or will take you and your students right to the city of London to have lunch and go on a guided tour to do some sightseeing. There is no better way to get over the jetlag! You will visit the Big Ben, enter the Westminster Abbey, walk at the Piccadilly circus and admire the Buckingham Palace (depending on the schedule hopefully seeing the change of guards. Not scheduled? Don’t worry, there are many more days to come!). You will end the day with a nice dinner after which it is relaxing time.


Day Three

After breakfast your Tour Manager will take you to the Thames to go on a Thames river cruise. Not does this ride come with amazing views, there is a guide on board to explain all about the city. Depending on the scheduled time for the backstage tour, you will either have the backstage tour first, or will visit the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the London eye for some pictures before doing the backstage tour. There will be time for lunch in between these activities. After being done with the activities, the Tour Manager will take you back to the hotel where everyone can freshen up to be ready for dinner, which will be followed by the show on West End in the evening.

Day Four

It is road trip time! Today your Tour Manager will take you to see the Stonehenge. The Tour Manager will provide supplies to prepare breakfast and lunch for on the way to really take advantage of time. On the way, you will stop at the Windsor Castle for a tour in the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. After this, you will continue your way to the Stonehenge to go even further back in time. Here you will go on a guided tour and learn about the different meanings behind the Stonehenge. After arriving back in London, you will go out for dinner, after which there will be down time after a busy day.


Day Five

After breakfast, your Tour Manager will take you to the British Museum. There will be time for everyone to just wonder around. There is a great variety of exhibitions, so there will be something for everyone! If there is a specific subject you are working on, we can make sure to make that a thing we visit all together. After your visit to the British Museum, it is time for lunch! When lunch is over, your Tour Manager will take your group to the Royal Air Force Museum. Here you will learn all about the 100 years history of the Royal Air Force, its role in both the first and the second World War. It is a great way to learn more about British political history. After this visit, your Tour Manager will take you back to the hotel to take a little rest before going for dinner. After dinner, you will go on a little walk to see London by night!

Day Six

After breakfast, your Tour Manager will take you to the Royal Observatory. Here you will have the chance to stand on the historic Prime Meridian of the World at the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). You can see the clocks that literally changed the world an learn all about the history. After visiting the Royal Observatory, your Tour Manager will walk with you on a guided street art walking tour. After some walking, you will have free time! Go out and explore London by yourself! Your Tour Manager will give you a money for dinner, that you can either divide under your students if you would like for them to have dinner by themselves or keep it and eat as a group. Your Tour Manager can meet you at a central point to take you back to the hotel, or you can decide to go back to the hotel on your own.


Day Seven

Today it is time for another road trip! Today your Tour Manager will take you to Oxford. Again there will be supplies for both breakfast and lunch for everyone to prepare. In Oxford, you will visit the Oxford University (Worcester College) to get an impression of British University life. After this, you will go to the Pitt Rivers Museum that houses over 600.000 objects, photographs and manuscripts from almost every country in the world. Then it will be time for Lunch in the center of Oxford. After lunch, you will go to the Bodleian Library. Not only is this a beautiful library, some of the Harry Potter scenes were shot here! For the last highlight we will stick with this theme and go to the Christ Church. This is where many scenes of Harry Potter movies were shot. Iconic locations are the stairway to the great hall and the great hall itself. After this you will go back to London with your Tour Manager  for dinner and head back to the hotel.

Day Eight

After breakfast, you will go to the national Portrait Gallery. Here, you will have an engaging workshop (currently on history, depending on what they offer). Then your Tour Manager will take you to Kensington Palace to learn more about queen Victoria and queen Elizabeth. After this visit, you will walk through Hyde park towards the city. Here you will have lunch, after which there will be a complete free afternoon. This can be used for sight-seeing or to rehearse for the next day. Your Tour Manager will give you a money for dinner, that you can either divide under your students if you would like for them to have dinner by themselves or keep it and eat as a group. Your Tour Manager can meet you at a central point to take you back to the hotel, or you can decide to go back to the hotel on your own.


Day Nine

It is showday! You will start with a good breakfast, followed by a workshop on cultural diversity. After this, your Tour Manager will take you to Camden Market where your group will have free time while completing a photo challenge on cultural diversity. You will receive money for lunch. The rest of the afternoon can be used as free time (to for example walk in little Venice) or for rehearsal to be fully prepared for the show later that day. Depending on the time of the performance, dinner will either be before or after the show. Don’t worry, there will for sure be plenty of snacks in case dinner will be after the show so everyone is full of energy to rock the stage!

Day Ten

Time flies when having fun: it is time to go home! Your Tour Manager will take you to the airport, help you with check in and drop you off at security. After your flight, your Denver contact person will be there to receive you.



Meals: Three meals per day and snacks in between.

Travels: We will take you to your tour country, back home AND provide you with transportation while you are there!

Travel Insurance: We cover the basics and make sure that if something happens to you or your stuff, you're covered.

Lodging: We arrange great hotels for the group so that they are safe and comfortable.

Activities: Everything that Venture Road plans is included in the price!

Workshops: Personal and professional workshops take this experience to a new level by challenging travelers to think about the world around them.


How it works

1. Register yourself or student. Simply click on the link above entitled “Register For The Trip” and follow the instructions on the signup page.

2. Create a payment plan. We will never tell you how and when to pay. Our program is flexible for you to make payments as you see fit.

3. Attend the info session. We want you to be informed and updated on your tour.

4. Stay in the loop. We will send information out via email. So make sure you provide the correct email and check in regularly to insure that you have all of the right information.

5. Pack your bags! we will see you on the road soon!

Other costs to keep in mind

  • Passport/Visas

  • Personal care items (PLEASE bring deodorant)

  • Any appropriate vaccinations

  • Your own snacks (if you don't like ours)


Suggested Packing List

Lightweight clothing that can be layered

  • Long-sleeved shirts

  • Sweaters or fleece jacket

  • T-shirts and tank tops (be respectful of the culture you are visiting)

  • Pants and/or shorts

  • Belt 

  • Socks – wool socks are best for hiking

  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • Rain jacket, windbreaker or umbrella

  • Pajamas/sleepwear

  • Underwear

  • Sunglasses and glasses case

  • Dresses and/or skirts

  • Hat or sun visor

  • Scarf or bandana

  • Swimsuit or swim trunks 

  • Cell phone and charger

  • Travel speakers

  • Travel pillow, eye mask and ear plugs

  • Electric converters and adapters (if applicable)

  • Travel apps that will help with language, directions, and money conversion